Luxury and Flagship

The previous methods are all about production of some kind of bulk stock that is to be used over a period of time in more than one location. These setups are mainly directed at rollout brands even though parts of the concepts of luxury/flagship can also utilize them. This applies to fixtures and fittings that are identical for all projects. Examples of this can be lighting, certain signage, chairs, sofas and pouffes, VM materials, props, etc.

Luxury/flagship concepts are to a large extent tailor-made for their location. This requires a completely different supply chain procedure.

However, the majority of luxury/flagship concepts are, even if they usually are closely connected to a concept, to a large extent tailor-made for the location they are to be used in. This requires a completely different supply chain procedure where every store requires its own set of shop drawings and its own tender process as well as production, quality control and logistics setup. Over the years M2 has therefore developed a separate process for these projects where quality requirements are very high and every piece of furniture is made for the first time. A higher level of skill is required from the production plant and, lastly, increased quality control is necessary in order for M2 to guarantee the end result.

The right level of quality

Over the years, M2 has developed a wide global network of reliable production plants which, with the assistance of M2, can handle the right level of quality. It is however, worth mentioning that for luxury/flagship projects it will also be necessary to carry out some supervision or installation work with M2 staff in order to secure the end result:

  1. ALL PRODUCTS ARE UNIQUE and the general contractors will therefore have no experience of assembling or installing these fixtures.
  2. THE ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION instructions are much more schematic since they are made for one-off products as opposed to rollout units where instructions are more refined.
  3. FOR ONE-OFF PRODUCTION M2 has its own production plant in Sweden, which gives us a great advantage for producing high-end furniture at short notice. We also have the ability to assemble parts from several vendors into finished pieces of furniture in our assembly hall, which warrants higher quality and efficiency than doing it on site.

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