Block order handling extra

The next level adds a few services on top of block order handling – Warehousing, Supply Chain and Pic & Pac. Instead of M2 sending off the entire block order to the client’s warehouse, M2 stores it in one or several of the warehouses and over a period of time, normally 6 or 12 months, M2 handles incoming orders to individual stores, carries out Pic & Pac and handles shipments to various locations. One block order can actually be split into a hundred or even a couple of thousand small Pic & Pac deliveries. A task many clients are happy not to have to carry out themselves.

Furthermore, in this case M2 will not invoice the client when the block order has been produced but instead each individual Pic & Pac order will be invoiced individually and to different addresses when needed. Payment will therefore be made only when the products are being put to use and not when production is finalized. Of course M2’s price will be slightly higher with this setup but in fact it usually turns out to be a big cost saving for the client who, with this setup does not have to think about providing their own warehousing, QC, Pic & Pac, logistics etc.

In reality, the additional cost for these services will often be fairly close to the cost of bringing the goods to the client’s warehouse.

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