Ways of working

Establishing stores is a function of Money, Time, Quality and Communication. By developing a transparent process that defines the critical stages in establishment, i.e. Who does What, When and at What Cost, it greatly increases the chances of:

  • Costs being kept within budget
  • The time schedule being relevant and the project opening on time
  • Involved parties feeling satisfied and having expectations that are in line with the outcome

M2 has specialists who work with their clients to develop Ways of Working procedures for luxury and rollout, franchise as well as owner-operated businesses. The M2 specialists are not only experts in developing the process but are also used to:

  1. DEVELOPING GENERIC TEMPLATES to be used in the establishment process, from survey reports to tender templates, snagging, prototyping, etc.
  2. DESCRIBING THE WAY OF WORKING procedure in an informative handbook that is easy to understand and follow, even for laymen such as franchisees.
  3. CONDUCTING TRAINING SESSIONS for involved parties that explain how the future store opening process will run and what responsibilities lie where. Over the years M2 staff have trained the staff of hundreds of clients all around the world.

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