Retail Platform

M2 is the only provider in the trade that has been working actively to develop an interactive IT-based platform to support the store planning and store opening processes.

M2’s retail platform is to be launched in a new version in 2016, which is the result of 12 years of development work. It contains all necessary functions to plan, establish, renovate and maintain a store, SIS or sales point.

All M2 clients who can benefit from access to the Retail Platform will get access to the basic version free of charge. The basic version contains all the necessary functionality to enable openings to be managed efficiently, but will lack adjustments to brand-specific organizational needs as well as brand-specific slots for information gathering. At a cost, M2 can tweak the content and set the platform up completely according to client requirements. However, even the basic version is encrypted and provides a graphic design tailored for the client.

Having developed and run various platforms since 2003, we are launching the first and major phase of the updated retail platform in 2016.

  1. IT IS SECURE thanks to encryption and an intelligent password system that only gives access to relevant information.
  2. IT HAS A RESPONSIVE DESIGN with a clear brand-associated profile.
  3. IT WORKS ACROSS PLATFORMS on Windows and Mac, and will also come with a smartphone app.
  4. ALL INPUT is confirmed through an interactive validation system.
  5. ALL INFORMATION can be accessed through a powerful search function.
  6. THE MAJORITY OF THE INFORMATION can be extracted and processed in other software, such as Excel.
  7. IT IS FAST to operate, thanks among other things to 100MB speed.

The new retail platform contains the following modules:

  • Project Management Tool
  • Concept Documentation
  • Project Archive

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