Evolutionary design


Evolutionary design is an upgrade of existing concepts due to

  • A new products mix (such as adding cosmetics or sunglasses)
  • Parts of the concept in need of a facelift (such as new fitting room area or a new cash desk)
  • Adjusting parts of the existing concept to fit in a new environment.

Conceptual upgrades
Evolutionary conceptual design work is rapidly increasing in importance. More and more brands that are operating on the global retail scene with 500 doors or more are having difficulties updating the store network with completely new concepts within reasonable timeframes, leaving the network with maybe as many as five completely different concepts. This creates problems in terms of Image, Impact and Clarity, as well as problems and costs in applying smaller upgrades, merchandise material and sometimes product ranges.

Store updates can be done gradually in stages without the need to close for renovation.

Many brands have therefore chosen instead to follow a controlled continuous evolutionary process in which the existing concept is gradually updated section by section. Over time the concept will be completely new but the result is much more consistent, less straggly and incoherent. Store updates can be done gradually in stages without the need to close for renovation and without too much investment each time, thus postponing the need for complete renovation by several years.

M2 design and technical teams are used to working under these conditions with great success and also have the ability to implement and realize the changes in a swift, painless and cost-effective fashion.

Value engineering

M2’s Technical Team is often involved in value engineering projects aimed at finding ways to make a concept more cost-effective without compromising on important design and quality aspects. In these projects we look at:

  • The technical design
  • The surface materials
  • How the products are being used in the stores
  • Packaging and shipping costs
  • Installation costs on site
  • Durability
  • Production volumes, etc.

Normally, M2 will come up with several hundred proposals on how to cut costs, and the outcome of M2’s work normally pays off within a 12-month period. In tight collaboration with the Conceptual Designer (M2 or external) and the client, the M2 Tech Team will be able to propose a large number of cost-saving changes.

We are yet to encounter a value engineering project that has not paid off within a 12-month period. Having said all this we do have a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable environment and we take our client Code of Conduct seriously.

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