Conceptual design


We divide the conceptual design work into three basic categories:

Fixture and Fittings
M2’s Design Team has extensive knowledge of conceptual retail design. However, the strength in fixtures and fittings design lies mainly in the rollout sector. M2 is in the forefront when it comes to conceptual F&F development for rollout brands where we apply our knowledge not only to brand identity, retail and trade knowledge but also apply knowledge of cost efficiency, durability, logistics, cultural differences, ecology, etc.

White Box
For White Box design, we are very comfortable doing both rollout and luxury retail. However, one must be aware that the work processes differ dramatically. For rollout, the most efficient work process is to develop a general White Box manual to be used and applied on all project by the contractors. This is because the applied store design must be relatively generic, due to time and budget constraints. For luxury and flagship on the other hand, all White Box work is done more or less individually for each project, taking all the local conditions and site specifics into account and thus optimizing the store as much as the budget, site constraints, cultural differences, product mix and building code, etc., allow.

Technical design
M2 often work alongside well-known, internationally acclaimed designers. M2’s task is to contribute retail experience and technical knowledge so that the final concept works the way it was intended – in all environments, within the budget framework.

Technical design includes drawings of all the products that make up a concept – material specifications that enable sourcing and production to take place globally. That means for example that material specifications are different in China, where European material is very expensive to import. Here we might suggest using a similar material without changing the overall design impression.

Factors such as functionality, durability, production time, eco-friendliness, local requirements, logistics and code requirements such as fire, complexity of installation, maintenance, flexibility, etc., must all be taken into account.

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