Tender management

Tender management is frequently included in the project management scope of work. We have however chosen to offer it as a separate service since it is sometimes removed from the scope. For example in luxury projects when the project budget becomes exceptionally high and a QS is hired to handle this particular work. Alternatively it can be offered for rollout projects where there is a franchisee who is going to handle construction work himself.

  1. WHEN EXECUTING TENDER MANAGEMENT the M2 project manager will send out a tender package containing Execution Drawings, White Box Manual, Schedule, Tender Requirements and a Tender Template, as well as other conditions that need to be met. M2 and client will jointly decide which contractors should be invited to tender. Normally, both parties will have proposals and in some cases, a franchisee or even the landlord might give input. M2 staff will then analyse, benchmark and evaluate the tenders. The analysis will be presented to the client and a final negotiation will take place with the winning tender.
  2. ONCE THE TENDER HAS BEEN AWARDED, M2 assists the client to finalize a written agreement between the contractor and the client.
  3. FOR MOST PROJECTS except those with really small contract sums, the contract stipulates payments to be made to the general contractor in at least three different stages. M2’s role will then be to certify that the invoiced sums are consistent with what has been carried out according to the drawings and contractual terms. This will of course apply to all other project costs as well.
  4. AS A THIRD SERVICE in tender management, M2 will closely monitor all the project costs and benchmark them with the budget sum. Any bigger deviations will quickly be reported to the client in order to discuss possible solutions.

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