Supervision and installation

Once the contractors have finalized the White Box construction work, it is time to assemble and install the millwork and loose furniture. Even for a skilled contractor, this might prove to be a complex task. Many parts need to be assembled and installed in a certain way and a certain order for the end result to be satisfactory. Every item delivery from M2 will be supported by an assembly instruction. However, it will still provide a big challenge to the contractor especially if they have not previously worked with the concept. We also need to take into account that time is quickly running out for the project and we are getting really close to opening. M2 therefore offers two support services to overcome the difficulties.

Supervision means that M2 sends one person to the site to work alongside the contractor and support/train the contractor on how to install the units. This is a good solution particularly when it is believed that the contractor will do more projects with the same concept. For luxury, this can be difficult since the conceptual changes are usually considerable between each project. Then they can learn to handle the installation work themselves for upcoming projects. A supervisor is also advisable to ensure cost-effectiveness when installation time is relatively short and travelling to and from the location is time-consuming and/or costly.

Installation means that an M2 team takes over the site from the general contractor after the White Box has been finished. The installation team will check that the White Box has been built according to the drawings and thereafter perform the installation of millwork and fixtures and fittings. From time to time there might be some exceptions due to some fittings that need to be built into the White Box or electrical matters which need to be handled by a locally certified electrician. The PM and M2 installation team will however coordinate the complete scope of works. Once the installation work is finished, M2 installation team will normally hand over to visual merchandising, IT and security, who will finish the store. The installers can upon request continue and perform the snagging.

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