Site Visit

The site visit normally includes a number of activities and is one of the most important components in opening a profitable store on time under the given budget constraints. The main purpose of the site visit is to document the site in terms of measurements, structural issues, technical issues and other site-specific constraints, as well as the commercial opportunities which give highly important input for the design and planning of the store, inside as well as the facade.

Even though measurements are the main objective of the site visit, other objectives may also play a part depending on what has been agreed upon with the client:

  1. ALIGNMENT OF RESPONSIBILITIES for the parties involved, “who does what”.
  2. ALIGNMENT OF EXPECTATIONS from the project and communicating ideas and views about the store.
  3. AN INTRODUCTION to the store concept and a rough idea of the future store given to the store managers.
  4. AQUIRE INPUT regarding the store planning and budget.
  5. REVIEW THE TIME PLAN and the milestones in the process.
  6. FOR RENOVATIONS and partial renovations, discuss what is to be reused and investigate possible integrations with existing surface materials such as floors, ceilings, etc.
  7. MEETING WITH LANDLORD in order to discuss constraints, interfaces, requirements, permits etc.
  8. INVESTIGATE DELIVERY conditions on site.
  9. BRIEF INTRODUCTION to the retail platform.
  10. EVALUATE WHETHER the overall project budget is in line with site conditions and the expectations of the finished store.
  11. REVIEW OF LEASE contract and recommendations. Sometimes we may even recommended not going ahead with the project!

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