The most important tools in the store opening process are the drawings. Providing the quality of the drawings are satisfactory they will:

  1. SECURE A MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING and expectations of the final store.
  2. SECURE THE QUALITY of the final store by giving the contractors sufficient information on how to build the store, even at a detailed level.
  3. SECURE THE TIME SCHEDULE by providing drawings that take local conditions into account (requires site survey) and describe how these can be tackled.
  4. ENSURE THAT THE OVERALL COST of the project will be as cost-effective as possible by describing exactly which fixtures and fittings are needed as well as making the tender process for the general contractor much more precise and thus avoid higher quotes due to uncertainty or additional cost due to a large contingency cost.
  5. SPEED UP THE PROCESS as well as increase the chances of approval of building permits, fire agency, etc.
  6. A STORE IS ALSO about brand identity. This often depends on the details, and only the drawings can describe what these details are and how they need to be executed. Good drawings and a good process around it is the best guarantee to achieve a good end result!

The drawing process

The drawing process and the content of the drawing packages differ dramatically between rollout and luxury/flagship.

Luxury/flagship drawings aim to optimize every part of the location.

Luxury/flagship drawings aim to optimize every part of the location and will if necessary show major structural changes inside and on the exterior, such as moving beams or adding new surface materials. Rollout drawings, on the other hand, use the existing layout without touching structural matters or other more complex features, in order to keep costs down.

To put it simply, for rollout projects, you put the drawing efforts into the parts that are really important, whereas for luxury/flagship you do the same but with the difference that everything is really important.

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